The Coming of Fall-

I took a trip today towards ” Barrilas Peak” to watch the Aspens dressed in their Fall attire. What a beautiful trip through the mountains and small towns. As I was driving I did notice that quite few of the Aspens were bare down to their limbs, yet still they hold a sculpture body!- One thing I have noticed is how the Aspen trunks at time have some sort of design like if the Aspens were artist painting on each other-I always notice an eye just looking right at ya, and who I’m I to say is not? I like to keep my mind wild and IMAGINATIVE!- I’m so blessed to be surrounded by such beauty. Everyday I wake up with a huge smile on my face and every night I go to sleep telling God” Thank you for all this”- Can’t imagine not having it any other way. I’m connected to nature and nature is connected to me- I was able to find some beautiful Aspens still dressed in their Fall fashion, even thought we are not into full blown Fall, they lose their leaves so fast that you need to capture it ASAP-..Fall is my favorite season over all- I love the crisp air going through my open windows, I love to see the pallet of colors that it creates, after all Mother Nature is a true artist!-.. Enjoy my journey… Laz






Tapping into what you learn from your Journey-

It took me awhile to say I’m an Artist, I’m a Photographer, I’m a Mixed Media and Collage artist- I was born with this gift that I can say for sure. I also believe that each one of us have an Artistic or Creative side within our SOUL!- It can be a writer, a photographer, artist, crafting, designing, collage, scrap-booking, jewelry, etc- It’s our duty and I say duty cause no one can tell you when it should happen, to find that calling. Some of us tap into it from an early age, some still searching for it and others pass it by- I have a quote that I created- ” You say that you are not a CREATIVE person. How do you know? The moment you hear that knock, you don’t even open the door!”…Oh I so believe in this. How many people I have encounter and they say, wow I wish I can do the type of art you do, but I’m not artistic nor creative at all- Right their you have locked up that door and threw away the key!.. You need to search it, you need to try things and within that you will find what is that you connects with you-

My Journey has been quite a rare and AMAZING one. I started out wanting to be a Scientist, then an Architect, after it was Fashion that ruled over it all- That is part of my DNA cause of my mom’s sister that was a Couture seamstress and I still remember in her Atelier in Venezuela watching her bead dresses by hand!!!!! I was like Wow!. I tried so hard to become a Fashion Designer but not having the money to make it happen was tough plus In that time telling your mom you wanted to be a Fashion Designer was like digging your own grave at an early age! -lol lol. So what I did was I became a visual merchandiser by saying a white lie! I told the first store I worked for that I have done it before. Now, the wildest thing of all this was that I knew that I can do it! So, she looks at me and tells me, oh you have? I think she some what  knew I was lying and tells me, ok so you see those mannequins their, I want you to pull the fashion , dress them and call me. Suddenly I was HOLY CRAP!!! What have I done?..I have never, ever in my life undressed a mannequin not to mention pull her her apart!.. But again, I knew I could do it and with full force into the project I did 4 mannequins, even 2 that were on top of a ledge. I was like, did I just do this? She comes over and looks at me with mouth open and say’s when can you start?…That’s how my Journey into visual happened.


This Journey became my tight rope for one reason, I thought to myself, well if I can’t be a Fashion Designer, at least I will be close enough to work with Fashion!-( Don’t let that happen- it stopped me from many things). From Visual merchandiser, to Lead visual stylist, to Visual Manager and Visual Director, this was over 25 years in the field. I worked so hard, I took so much crap, I was used, I was lied , I was taken advantage through this journey but every time I fell to the floor, I got up, dusted myself up and kept going. No one was going to get in my way. I worked for Jean Nicole, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Jpeterman, Zara, St Johns in 5th ave, Fendi, Armani, Bloomingdales, I freelanced and my end of the Journey was with Neiman Marcus. I love what I did and I knew that I was danmmmm good at it! Cause I believed in myself and I got to the top not by being someone’s favorite but by busting my ASS!!!. I learned so much from all this. I worked with great teams, to horrible ones and certain one’s that I guess thought because I was their manager I should do their work. The one thing I learned from all this was, to be fare, always try my best to be a good manager, help others and not kiss anyone’s ass either!… As a manager I hold you responsible for your actions and the type of work you put out their! I had a wonderful mentor that made me try everything in the field. I loved doing window’s and fashion, and he told me, you are AMAZING at what you do, but you need to step out of the box and learn the ropes! I thanked him for that. Their was no excuses, I was in charge of lighting, styling, cleaning up, etc. In Neiman Marcus I was burnt out. My team was good and with the exception of one that was great, one other was like, hell to me, yet I respect people and one thing I hate is, do not take me for some stupid person or take advantage of me. This team was old school, they have been in the store for over 10 years, even more. It was so hard to mold them. I didn’t want to do it any longer, I left after 2 1/2 years to come into this new Journey I have been tapping along the way.. I have no regrets at all.




From Photography, to Mixed Media artist, Collage, and Abstract- This has been my calling. Look at how long it took me to tap into what I’m doing now, but I never doubted itself, I never let anyone say what was good for me or not, I kept learning, experimenting, opening doors, trying new things, letting go what I didn’t like and becoming the person I’m right now at 49!- It wasn’t easy, it’s been hard times, good times and great times. Over all, the trick is on how you tackle each thing. I’m still learning and at times I feel like giving up, but I look back at all the hard work I have put and that along the way everything that happened was suppose to be the way it was- I may have had a vision of what I wanted to be, but God has the edit part of the film!- I’ve lived in so many places- from, Miami,  New York, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Albuquerque, Reno, St Louis and now Santa Fe- Each one giving me a new meaning to my Journey, each one having to be their to tap into what I wanted and what I didn’t want, each one to get me to where I’m right now as I’m writing this long post, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!- Their is so much I still have to do in this world!- My 1/2 part of my purpose is to bring happiness to the world with my work, my art and photography. The other 1/2 is learning more, believing in myself, taking risks and chances and making myself a better person for me and of course loving who I’m with all my faults and errors!. At 49 I bring to this world that has so much Chaos, Hurting, Disasters, and Horrible people that hurt others, my art and my photography- I’m not a fine  art artist nor a fine arts photographer, I’m my own artist and photographer, I’m not here to compete with anyone or make money be my #1 out look to what I do. What I do is my PASSION and my PASSION follows me through my journeys. I’m just starting to live my DREAM pretty much with nothing, but it is my DUTY to follow it wherever it takes me and search into more opportunities!- So I will leave you with another quote I created- And remember, follow your DREAMS and trust your Soul, cause they know what you should be doing!…” It Doesn’t matter what ANYONE thinks about you! At the end of the day, it’s your LIFE, it’s your DECISION and it’s your own personal JOURNEY”…

Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy Place


A hike among the beautiful Aspens is a Happy Place for me- Solitude is a Happy Place to me. This was taken in the Pecos National forest 20 minutes from my house.


A walk on a quiet Fall day is a Happy Place for me- This was taken on one of my trips to Missouri. Over all we have different views of what ” Happy Places’ can be. So where ever you are of what ever it is you are doing, just be happy!…

Your Time to Shine-

Today I was going back to my old issues of the magazines that inspire and fuel my creative soul.- I read the story’s and wonder if I will have that time to shine once again. I had a store like 3 years ago and I know that I was some what scared to renew the  lease. The first year was great considering that your 1st year it’s a nightmare for many store or boutique owners but even with some of those nightmares, I always came through at the end of the month with both my house rent and business rent and a bit of extra money to buy props, materials to keep creating and some for my pocket.- My art and vision has evolve immensely and once again, I left a great paying job to follow this part of my dream. My life is set with many visions I visualize on a daily basis- The life I had as a visual manager and director is somewhat my past life. I love what I did, yet I feel that ART and CREATING are my new call!- I have no regrets as I may have written before on what I did. I have put all my savings of 2 years into this journey and of course I don’t intend it will last me forever but I’ve done good and now is just time to go full force. I had this opportunity  of a shop when I got here to Santa Fe, up in this cool funky town  called ” Madrid, NM” It was the perfect little shop! Not to big and not to small, just right- Long story short it didn’t happen. Sometimes I wonder if I took to long to think about it? But, the weird thing was that I’m usually a risk taker and for some reason it didn’t happen. I had the money to put in it, but I was thinking it to much. Of course, the owner somewhat in a nice way told me, good luck with your search!- LOL, Yup that meant sorry, just move on. I think that it just wasn’t the store or maybe even the place to sell my work, may have not been the right time, or God has something better for me. I’ve been searching around for spaces but Santa Fe is very expensive, some shops I have liked are over an hour away drive and even though I get excited, I also think that this is a commute that will be long and expensive cause of gas. So, reading my lift me up magazines, stories and images of their shops, I though when will I get to do it again?- I put a lot of daily hours on my art, crafts and hand made cards. I wake up everyday thinking that the moment you walk out that door, something amazing can happen and your life can change in seconds!-When I look at my work, I’m not a fine art photographer nor a fine art painter nor I do this to be rich- I love what I do, I’m a CREATIVE individual that is always thinking of what to create next. My DNA is art, create, make people happy and put a smile on their face every time they buy a piece of my work. I have a very eclectic style overall. I’m a bohemian soul and a Nomad men with a  part spiritual- a part zen- and a part nature. All this makes me who I’m and what I love to do. I hope that my time to shine will come up soon, who about you?…

Some new work- Milagro prayer collection…for sale…





11x14 mixed media canvas with saint image.metal flowers.Indian vintage stones.texture.lace.crosses- A Sacred Space-85.00