Hello, My name is Lazaro Iglesias and I’m the Photographer and Artist of this website. My art, cards and photography are all for sale, so please inquire about prices and sizes in an  e-mail. My photography can also be done into cards for that special occasion or person. Thank you


71 thoughts on “Home

      1. Thank you so much for that comment! I was checking your blog but for some reason when I move around your blog it goes super slow. Not sure why, but I will keep trying to see your blog! Thanks!!!

      2. My blog does a lot of things, including music, images and multimedia plus much more. I suggest using a fast computer and speedy Internet connection.

        It should be noted that most of my posts and pages should take less than three second to load fully (even on my two year-old computer).

  1. Hello Lazaro
    I have had quite a journey going through your blog – I like what I see and decided to follow you 🙂

    Thank you for visiting my blog and following me!

    ~ Sirenia ~

    1. Hello, Jeremy! Well thanks for stopping by and sure, let me know what you would be interested in. I got to see your blog, very cool and looking forward in seeing more of your post!!!

    1. Dallas is amazing!!!! I hated Houston! Lived their for 6 month and was about to go crazy! Love Dallas! I lived right in the art district ” Deep Ellum” in a kick ass loft!!!

    1. Yeah I now you are from Miami, I lived in Miami as well, my family is still their, we have a house in Coral Gables. I went to a private school until 12 grade an dthen did 2 years in Miami Dade college…

  2. Wow, that is wild.. I was borned in Cuba and left at age 1 to Caracas and left Venzuela at age 7, moved to the Miami, Fl… how awesome is that!! No wonder we clicked! jajajajaj

  3. Hello Lazaro,

    Your blog is terrific and you’re a gifted photographer. Thanks for sharing your work and for following my blog. I hope to chat with you now and again.

    1. Thank you Angela for that beautiful comment! I just love what I do and I have fun doing it! I love your blog as well and looking forward to chatting and reading your blogs as well…

    1. Hola Martyn! Thank you for the comment! Would love to see theme!!! That is one trip I’m dying to do, but I left Cuba at age 1 and gave up my nationality for Venezuela! Then at age 7 came to Miami, Fl. I’m trying to see how I can make it happen as a photographer and not get in trouble or have problems!! I’m looking forward to those images!!!

  4. Hi Laz! Just wanted you to know that I’m giving you the Heart on Fire award because I love what you do with your photos and descriptions and I so appreciate your support of my efforts. If you choose to participate, just follow what I did on my post for today, 4/28. As far as I know, there’s no picture for this award. Be well and stay blessed.

  5. Hey man, just to let you know that my blog address as changed and in changing it, I lost all my likes, followers & stats, what a pain!! I would be grateful if you could find the time to re-like at least a few posts that you’ve liked before and even more grateful if you would follow me again 🙂 New blog address is: http://cabodegataphotography.wordpress.com – it’s still the same monkey behind the wheel though!

    1. Hey Martyn!! Nice to see ya again!! Of course I would follow you again, just did, so keep those wonderful images coming!!! That was a pain losing all the followers. Sometimes I think about changing and then I’m like, oh no what a pain if I lose everyone.. lol

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