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18 thoughts on “About

  1. So, I was nominated for the Genuine Blogger Award! Not sure how to get that little design on my site. This took me by surprise and I want to thank http://n0ts0creative.wordpress.com, for giving me this award that by the way I think she is super creative!!!! So I have to tell you 7 things about me! So here we go..

    1- Love Nature
    2- Photography is a PASSION!
    3- Don’t like TV, to many horrible news and crappy shows.
    4- I’m ever so lucky to have 2 wonderful best friends: Inez and Brent.
    5- Love Thai food, Mexican food, Sushi, Cuban food, Italian, well heck love to eat!
    6- I’m an X-men addict!
    7- Love, love animals!!!

    Now the nominations are going to be super hard cause every blog is genuine and I’m very happy to be following each one of you!’

    My nominations are:

    1. Thanks, Camille!!! I will start following yours and seeing your work! I got to see some and I liked it very much. Love to see other peoples work and how they inspire me as well… Welcome to my sight!!

  2. Good question about the close up filters. I bought a very inexpensive set (about $15) from Amazon before jumping in fully with a dedicated macro lens. If you think you will either love it and get a lens as soon as you can or not really like it at all, then go cheap. The quality was what you would expect, and since most of my images are not printed (at least large) the lenses provided enough sharpness for posting to my blog and smaller prints. If you think it will be a while before getting a lens, spend a little more and check out ratings on a site like Adorama or B&H. You can get multi-coated filters which should give you better results than the cheap Polaroid kit I bought.

    The biggest disadvantage to the filters is that your DoF is TINY! W/ the 10x it was less than half an inch (~1cm), irregardless of my f/stop. It’s just the nature of the beast w/ the filters. You will probably want at least a 10x and a 4x. My kit had 1x – 10x, but I never used anything but the 10x. You can stack them and combine the effects, so if you get higher end ones, you can save some $$ by getting two smilers ones and stacking them.

    I hope that answers your question. There is a brief video on Adorama.com discussing their use by Brian Peterson.

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