Art as HEALER-

ART PHOTOS 2ND SET.-1I have been away for quite awhile  but as most of you know me, I tend to write when I feel I’m ready to write about something I’m passionate about and also my art life has taken quite an amazing turn and I’m like a speeding bullet doing assemblage, mixed media, doing shows etc- So that also plays part of why I don’t write as much but I do love to write- This subject has been on my mind for quite awhile and last night while I lay in bed I kept thinking about and I almost got up to write but I was in pain with my foot joints that have started to suddenly come around, welcome getting older! ( lol)-

As an artist I believe that art heals in many ways- I can actually account for it through my rough times in life weather it was health, depression, sadness, a loss,  getting upset, work, people, you name it, art has always been their for me- The trick about art being a healer is that you have to trust it and you have to BELIEVE in it to help you out- Faith plays another important part of the process- The thing that you need to start however you want! Their is no excuse for not making art your healer- Here are a few suggestions I have used for myself- So lets start with Art Journal: Amazing way to start your healing- I would say this one would be my first choice for someone that needs to start somewhere- The fun of art Journal is that  you CREATE it all! You make the journal how ever you like. You don’t even need a fancy journal to do it- All you need is the a blank book or a note book from the 1.oo store and your willingness to let the healing start-  Their are no rules to this process cause it’s your own personal journey-  you can write a lot or you can write little and let you art speak for itself- Art Journaling is quite addictive- You can also do collage work with your art journal- How ever you are feeling at the moment you can find the right image or cut out words and paste them to tell the story of how you are feeling at that moment- Remember that your art will look different all the time depending on what you may be going through! If you are feeling down, depress, sad, etc your art will start some what a bit dark or your words may be harsh but don’t let that stop you please! That’s the process that needs to happen and it’s the only way to heal yourself when you let it all out- Even if it’s scribbles or what ever let it take its course and don’t stop it! With time and patience you will see your art journal evolve into to so many aspects of yourself- It’s an amazing DISCOVERY!! You need to just do it and let your feelings do the expression, don;t hold back, let it all out.  My other outlets have also been suddenly painting abstract! Not even thinking but letting myself go on a canvas and NOT holding back- Don’t worry on how it looks, cause it may not be all that pretty but we are not looking for that when you start- We re looking for an outlet to let it out and just let it be- with time you will see quite the process and with time you will get yourself out of that DARK PLACE that seems not to never go away- Remember this: Light turns to DARK and Dark turns to Light- They both feed from each other- one doesn’t stay longer than the other they work with each other and that is the same with using art for healing. You need that DARK place to learn the way- Sometime as weird as it may sound when we come into CHAOS with our life, we need to be OPEN to what it is trying to tell us- Always know that in the darkest places we find ourselves! and we find our strength! and we learn form that weakness! and the weakness makes us stronger!- Mixed media is another wonderful outlet for art healing- Again with this technique we are NOT looking for  a beautiful piece of art work or perfection- We are learning to heal from our conversation with our own ART- With Mixed media you can let yourself go and have fun! Paste images, words, paint on them, do circles, add gesso, textures, write some more, scratch it, I mean the ideas are endless and so much fun- Another outlet for me was writing how I felt- Honest true writing just on a paper, letting it all out just like in a journal- I was brutally honest with myself on how I felt and why- I got to learn so much of me through all these outlets and another I can’t forget is take walks in nature and if you are not close to nature make time for you to heal, find nature anywhere you are- It’s free for all of us, talk with nature tell her how you feel, and most important pay attention very close attention to what is happening around you and in you in those moments- You will get messages from things around and your feelings will change- Unfortunately I’m not an Art Therapist and I’ve thought about many, many times but with all I’m doing right now and going back to school for Art Therapy I might be putting to much on my plate at the moment but then again, the other day I was hearing the Delilah show by the way an amazing woman and so inspirational- She was talking to a girl that wanted to tell her dad how grateful and how much she loved him for raising 6 girls all by himself and now he’s going back to school! I was like, wow that’s quite something to feel inspired by- So, you never know- I let my Journey take me that direction if it’s meant to happen- So yes all these techniques and I’m sure many others out their helped me tremendously!!- You CAN’T put any excuses if you decide to go this route- You don’t need to spend all this money to start unless you decide to do an art therapist but also give your own art a try, YES we are all artist within our SOUL!- the only difference is that for me, I tapped into them, I  discovered my forte in the art world, what I love to do and what I don’t like to do, what I’m good at, what I’m bad at and what I’m GREAT at!- So find it in yourself, take chances, take risk and don’t think it needs to be perfect cause we  are not looking for that, though the process I will assure you will find the medium you connect with and if it’s more than once, heck even better- learn each one, look into you tube videos for inspiration and free classes, use Pinterest for Inspiration and ideas, just have fun, find yourself and heal yourself as you go along- and if by any chance you feel this is not helping then please get HELP- It’s out their for all of us- Now with all this said, you need to remember that is all on how much input you put to make it happen- You need to work on it and learn everyday from your art and always stop at some point and see how you feel, always do this through the process, trust yourself and have fun- It’s all about learning and connecting- I have been through some tough times in my life and I mean tough and ART has always helped me out- It’s always their for the taking, it can be done with what ever means you have- It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, you just need to make it happen and learn along the way- I’m so hoping that by next year I can start teaching art in a healing process and even though I’m not an Art Therapist their are many ways to go about it without having to recommend medications or conversations as a patient- I can do it with my own personal techniques and enthusiasm- I can teach you along your journey ways to discover your personal artistic self that will lead you to a healing- I have a few workshops next year for the first time! But not as a healing art- Yet I will incorporate some of it in the workshop with my assemblage and mixed media techniques- It’s all about discovering yourself through art- As an artist I believe that my work is more of a connector with the audience or buyer- My work is about letting the piece pick you and not you pick the piece- It will do that and it will shake you and make you ask questions and even you believes- It will comfort you and it will make you feel good and also it will teach you in many ways- I LOVE what I do, I LOVE that people get a kick out of my art- Some people find it fascinating and others find it amazingly powerful- My work is not for everyone and it doesn’t have to be” remember that with your art”- I love what I do and it shows on my work, my hard work shows on my work, my passion and devotion as well- But I do know that my work has become a healer to many- It can be emotional healing, mental healing, positive healing, creative healing and it has motivated many to start doing something or get back into art- If I can do that to so many people, then my purpose in this world is opening with abundance and my God given gift is moving forward- That’s my purpose in this lifetime- I’m blessed I have found it and we all have- Follow what you love most, take the leap of FAITH and TRUST! The rest will follow right into your HEART, SOUL and your personal JOURNEY-…..












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