Mother Nature and her teachings-

DSC_2887Yesterday, I decide that I needed to take a walk- I had just woken up and that urge came to me, so I got my gear on and headed upwards towards the Mesa-As my usual daily talk with the Universe and God, I had no destination what so ever. I just needed to get away and breath some fresh air and if along the way I found treasures, even better. I did take my camera just in case I saw something amazing to photograph, but honestly when you do these types of hikes, it’s just you and maybe a journal and that is all. I start to talk about my frustrations, my visions, why my art is not selling fast enough, why this, why that, the struggles, etc.  I was hoping for some vision quest along the way since I’m on 10 acres and it’s all on Sacred land from the Ancestors that once roamed this earth. But I believe that you get that sort of vision when you are either ready to accept it or you still need to learn other things along the way that will open your mind, heart and soul- As I’m walking up, my first stop was the treasures of finding dried up Cactus! Bingo, I said- Well, remember I have a small bag, my camera inside( not small) and my Journal to write notes. I’m like how in the heck do I do this now? If I don’t take this opportunity I won’t find this area again, cause I’m just walking with no direction-So, took my camera out and decided to pull out 12 pieces of dried up cactus!- yeahhhhh, fun right!- Well, the bag is not even big enough to hold them so, that was quite the Journey!- So camera on my hand, my walking stick, 12 pieces of cactus and me hiking! You would think that at some point I would leave these darn things somewhere, but noooooo- I would probably get hurt before leaving my treasures behind!

-Along the way I start noticing little signs of things. Yet, not putting my mind all together cause I’m also noticing the beautiful art Mother nature does as well. These twisted branches from her Cedar trees that look like sculptures in the woods- I’m in silent taking all this beauty in and thinking. I’m snapping my life away at these amazing twisted branches but I’m also seeing other things that connect with my thinking and my questions- I start noticing the way nature finds it’s way through the wood-  I’m on a cliff and I see a tree hanging to dear life from the edge but not only that it’s also blooming! It’s alive and hardly touching any soil. Moving along, I see another answer, a cactus between to rocks that were apart like 5 inches away, and in between their was some soil  on the rock and that cactus was living and growing! Need to say that it’s growing in the middle of the 2 rock with maybe 10 feet below!- So, through all my hiking I was seeing these Miracles and Hopes of life itself all around me. The wind started to blow very hard making the most amazing sounds to my ear and I knew that I had to stop- Mother nature was telling me, stop and ponder upon all you have seen and connect it with your thoughts and answers you are seeking from your questions- This is what I got back:

” In life we each have our ups and downs, we are all looking for answers to the why’s and the what’s. In my case, I was asking about my art life and my life in general. The frustrations about it and how I was feeling very discouraged from it, but as I saw all these signs around me, nature told me that as long as you have a spark of HOPE in you, you can’t let go! That was exactly what I was seeing around me-Nature never lets go and it holds on to dear life blooming with amazing flowers as her reward. Sometimes it takes her awhile to adjust but no matter what, she always does it! With strong winds, with harsh weather, with boulders of rock on her, she makes it through!-She and everything around her becomes one into power- It’s just not her alone, but it’s everything around her that makes her survive- Just like us, we are all in this together and we each help each other get by in many different ways, but it’s never alone even though you may think so-“- So next time think about Nature and her survival skills, you will be so amazed how we can apply it to our life, and next time you think, it can’t be done, think twice- It is possible and it can be done as long as you have that spark of HOPE inside you-…

I leave you with my Journey in a Blk/Wht vision…















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