Evolving as an Artist-

I know it’s been quite awhile, but it seems that I write when a deep part of me tells me to- I have been through some transitions in my life as an artist- It took me awhile to say that word” I’m an Artist”. I no longer think upon it when people as me what do you do?- Before I was like, hmmm, I’m an artist?- Lol- Now is I’m an ARTIST!- It feels real good to say it, feel it and mean it- As any artist, we all know that our art is not for everyone nor is intended to make sense of it either- What you or I may not like, someone would love. My art has evolved in tremendous ways. I can see the evolution of it and I honestly love that in my work. If you know me and my art, I tend to be connected with a Spiritual and Nature realm. Yet I also can be a bit whimsical and surreal at times- I’ve created these amazing pieces based on Shrines and Milagros- That type of work is geared towards a Hispanic religious feel. But what I find fascinating is that many of my clients and customers are not even religious, nor spiritual and some are even Jewish but for some reason they find themselves lost in that world of mine- They become addicted to my style and my work- They often tell me, wow, Laz- This piece of yours is calling me and I have no idea why, cause I’m not into this type of art, but it’s very powerful and strong…I love that! That fact that my work can move your soul into my world, tells me I’m on the right track- Not only that but that is the purpose of ART! It moves you, it heals you, it finds you and it hits you right in the core of your heart!- I started out doing small wall Milagros and now I’m doing Shrines and just amazing pieces that make you feel something inside- Through this new Journey of my life, I have meet some wonderful connections, new friends and a new Inspiration to my art-.. I feel that my  art is slowly taking a turn around and more and more people are just fascinated by it- That makes me want to keep creating and getting deeper in my passions- I pour in my work all Heart and Soul . I couldn’t have it any other way, I can’t expect any less than the best of me- So enter this realm of my work of wonders, spirituality, curiosity and peace that seems to tap into peoples Soul…Laz














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