The Coming of Fall-

I took a trip today towards ” Barrilas Peak” to watch the Aspens dressed in their Fall attire. What a beautiful trip through the mountains and small towns. As I was driving I did notice that quite few of the Aspens were bare down to their limbs, yet still they hold a sculpture body!- One thing I have noticed is how the Aspen trunks at time have some sort of design like if the Aspens were artist painting on each other-I always notice an eye just looking right at ya, and who I’m I to say is not? I like to keep my mind wild and IMAGINATIVE!- I’m so blessed to be surrounded by such beauty. Everyday I wake up with a huge smile on my face and every night I go to sleep telling God” Thank you for all this”- Can’t imagine not having it any other way. I’m connected to nature and nature is connected to me- I was able to find some beautiful Aspens still dressed in their Fall fashion, even thought we are not into full blown Fall, they lose their leaves so fast that you need to capture it ASAP-..Fall is my favorite season over all- I love the crisp air going through my open windows, I love to see the pallet of colors that it creates, after all Mother Nature is a true artist!-.. Enjoy my journey… Laz






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