Your Time to Shine-

Today I was going back to my old issues of the magazines that inspire and fuel my creative soul.- I read the story’s and wonder if I will have that time to shine once again. I had a store like 3 years ago and I know that I was some what scared to renew the  lease. The first year was great considering that your 1st year it’s a nightmare for many store or boutique owners but even with some of those nightmares, I always came through at the end of the month with both my house rent and business rent and a bit of extra money to buy props, materials to keep creating and some for my pocket.- My art and vision has evolve immensely and once again, I left a great paying job to follow this part of my dream. My life is set with many visions I visualize on a daily basis- The life I had as a visual manager and director is somewhat my past life. I love what I did, yet I feel that ART and CREATING are my new call!- I have no regrets as I may have written before on what I did. I have put all my savings of 2 years into this journey and of course I don’t intend it will last me forever but I’ve done good and now is just time to go full force. I had this opportunity  of a shop when I got here to Santa Fe, up in this cool funky town  called ” Madrid, NM” It was the perfect little shop! Not to big and not to small, just right- Long story short it didn’t happen. Sometimes I wonder if I took to long to think about it? But, the weird thing was that I’m usually a risk taker and for some reason it didn’t happen. I had the money to put in it, but I was thinking it to much. Of course, the owner somewhat in a nice way told me, good luck with your search!- LOL, Yup that meant sorry, just move on. I think that it just wasn’t the store or maybe even the place to sell my work, may have not been the right time, or God has something better for me. I’ve been searching around for spaces but Santa Fe is very expensive, some shops I have liked are over an hour away drive and even though I get excited, I also think that this is a commute that will be long and expensive cause of gas. So, reading my lift me up magazines, stories and images of their shops, I though when will I get to do it again?- I put a lot of daily hours on my art, crafts and hand made cards. I wake up everyday thinking that the moment you walk out that door, something amazing can happen and your life can change in seconds!-When I look at my work, I’m not a fine art photographer nor a fine art painter nor I do this to be rich- I love what I do, I’m a CREATIVE individual that is always thinking of what to create next. My DNA is art, create, make people happy and put a smile on their face every time they buy a piece of my work. I have a very eclectic style overall. I’m a bohemian soul and a Nomad men with a  part spiritual- a part zen- and a part nature. All this makes me who I’m and what I love to do. I hope that my time to shine will come up soon, who about you?…

Some new work- Milagro prayer collection…for sale…





11x14 mixed media canvas with saint image.metal flowers.Indian vintage stones.texture.lace.crosses- A Sacred Space-85.00



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