Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy Place


A hike among the beautiful Aspens is a Happy Place for me- Solitude is a Happy Place to me. This was taken in the Pecos National forest 20 minutes from my house.


A walk on a quiet Fall day is a Happy Place for me- This was taken on one of my trips to Missouri. Over all we have different views of what ” Happy Places’ can be. So where ever you are of what ever it is you are doing, just be happy!…


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy Place

  1. I don’t intend to categorize, but your photos and philosophy reflect taoism. Beautiful. Each ones path is chosen by the heart, not by intellect. You will succeed in your journey and enjoy it all the way.

    1. Vidhya, thank you so much for those words! I needed that and to answer your question, I’m in a Journey of so much discovery! Everyday I learn more and more about me. I love the spiritual world that surrounds me. Even though I haven’t gotten more involved in Taoism, I’ve read upon it and It’s me. I love Buddhas, I love ” Rumi” which he is my favorite poet and I connect very much with he’s words. I use a lot of he’s poems on my photography- Thank you so much!!!!

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