Where has time gone…

Featured image Wow, amazing that we are just 2 month to Christmas. I was wondering were did the time go and were was I!- Well, I have been busy trying to get my own life and business together. I haven’t posted here in the longest and even though I try to it seems that life takes me away from it. Then I feel that need to just let myself be seen in this world of blogging. Hoping to post a lot of my new work and start selling. This image was taken right outside my deck. Love the Hummingbirds and it seems they are mostly gone cause Fall is upon us. I read that the only hummingbirds that stay in the Winter are the one’s that are weak to fly way to far. –  Aside from this, I feel that I’m so lucky to be doing what I’m doing. I’m blessed by God, the Universe and all my spiritual guides to be doing my art and even though I may not have all this money yet I’m happy. My life is very simple and I wake up every morning to an amazing view and my dog Ehroz!…

Hope all is good to each one of you and your families…Peace- Laz

New Work-






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