What does it take…

Hello, everyone. Once again I’ve been lost in my own world and turmoil may we say. So many ups and down’s and the year is almost over. Looking back since I came to St Louis, I have been so unhappy. I gave up my mountains, my hikes, my walks of solitude, my spiritual connection, my store and some wonderful friends along the way for a new adventure. I’m a huge believer of changes and I’m always up for a challenge but this time it was different. Maybe I didn’t need a change at all and should of stayed where I was. I would say that the one thing I did learn was that I know now what I want in my life and what I no longer need in my life. So my tittle says it all: What does it take?…This has been my conversation with my best friend this week. I told her, Inez “WHAT DOES IT TAKE” to get up and just leave? Do we risk it all and hope that the safety net is waiting for us in case we fall? Do we get up and leave and leave everything behind and just take the most cherish possessions? Do we dwell on the matter until we come up with a solution? Do we just walk away from it all and start all over new?…. I know that everyone would have a different opinion about the situation. I would think that any of these questions can be a right answer but at the end what matters is, DO YOU TRUST OVER ALL THAT IT WILL COME INTO PLACE? I told a wonderful friend in Reno that this i show I felt: I’m wrapped  in a cocoon( that’s St Louis), and slowly growing my  wings and inside that cocoon I’m slowly evolving to soon  break free and my wings will be strong enough to take me back home which is the mountains, streams, nature and my spiritual connection. I’m not sure what’s going to take for me to break free from all this. The one thing I know is that I’m strong enough for the journey home. And hopefully it would take some COURAGE from my part to do what I need to do…I leave you with images that reflect how I’m feeling. Thank you once again for reading this and for following me as well. Peace…

1c DSC_00342 DSC_02612 DSC_041711 The Garden and House tours for Lafayette Sqaure 20141-001 DSC_00844DSC_0192.NEF DSC_00661


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