In Times Of Feeling Lost…

I said in my last post that I will re-surface slowly. I feel that I have gone back and forth with my life. Sometimes more back than forth but I also feel that every experience has made me a better person, a bit wiser, more knowledgeable, not finding reason’s for the whys but accepting that the why’s are a bigger plan than we can ever imagine. I took a leap of faith when I left Virginia City, NV and my business as well behind for a new adventure. The feelings were a mixer of so many things. One day I was like yeah new beginnings and the next I was like what I’m I doing. Well the new beginnings won over and took me St Louis, MO. I look back now at my actions and I understand that a part of me felt scared to renew a lease and fail. Yet that wouldn’t have been the case cause I had already established a wonderful clientele that loved my shop, my work and me. So, I kept digging deeper and ” feeling restrain” to a home and business lease came to surface. Yes I felt trap and I felt caged cause that made me realize that it meant facing any realities I was running away from. Please keep following this cause it will connect with the tittle of the post. When I had my own business I had so many DREAMS lined up to create the vision I wanted.  I’m a huge believer that the ” ARTS” are a healer to our LIFE and SOUL. As a matter of fact I guarantee it because I have and had embraced it in my every day life. I’m a self taught artist and photographer. I’m a creative individual with a great eye to detail. I love to break the RULES and create my own. That is how you will find who you are as an artist and will also make you see art for what it is, an individual experience and expression that connects with each one of us. So I encourage you that in time of FEELING LOST: make art, create beautiful things, connect with Nature and what it has to offer, write poetry, be silly, mix your own colors, write a journal, write your own book, get involved in anything creative, re-invent art, explore more, love more and let ART be the healer of your LIFE….


DSC_00051 DSC_03021 DSC_00081 DSC_02751 DSC_0015.NEF DSC_0068.NEF DSC_0050.NEF DSC_0057.NEF



4 thoughts on “In Times Of Feeling Lost…

  1. Love these thoughts, Laz. I have found it so true over the last several difficult months; I have found it important to take the time to take photographs, to edit them, to play with them. Art is a saving grace!
    I am so glad you are back.

  2. I can feel the passion in your writing, Laz. To be an artist we have to be fearless sometimes and put our trust in our own intuition. Getting back into the zone can be difficult, but it’s the best therapy there is.

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