“Dia De Los Muertos”- ” All Saints Day”

I have to say this is one of my favorite Holidays aside from Thanksgiving and Christmas. Living in New Music I was drawn to this beautiful ceremony and displays of food, colors, toys, mantels, dolls, rituals and altars. In the Downtown area in the Plaza, I remember visiting to see the parade and got to see some amazing altars done to their loved ones.  Is not just to mourn the dead but to also praise them with what they loved, there favorite foods and colors and to always remember they are still loved..



calabera head.1b






4 thoughts on ““Dia De Los Muertos”- ” All Saints Day”

    1. Not many people do and I want to say that is more Catholic in a way than anything. There’s lots of other religions that have there own Holidays and I would think celebrations and I always try to find some beauty behind it. I love all sorts of religion yet I don’t follow any. I was born Catholic and I’m more spiritual than anything. Yet, I’m fascinated by the images of Saints, crosses and cemetery’s…

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