Today I decided to take a trip somewhere just to get out and feel more situated with my surroundings. I drove down the highway and took some exits to just explore. I came to the end of a road that had a trail down to the river and  connected as well to the Katy trails. As I started to walk I looked down and suddenly spotted a leaf. I’m sure many of you are saying, well yeah it’s just a leaf but today I saw it in a whole different light. I got down and stared at it. Suddenly I saw this beauty and started to notice every detail of it. From the curve, color, type, broken, whole, eaten by insects and etc. I couldn’t help but dedicate my whole trip to this new adventure and exploration of Leaves. Right now they are  just starting to turn into beautiful Fall colors and I can’t miss it! They say that Missouri is beautiful in the Fall! As many of you know my style of photography, I’m very drawn to what my eye catches interest but mainly for the simplest of subjects that many of us just pass by them and not even think about it twice. I’m also a sucker for ” NATURE”, so she’s very much part of my images. This may not be a subject that many of you may find interesting, but just take the time to see the details, beauty, colors and death of these leafs. The way they curl and how they start out beautiful and green and then it’s just on the ground dried up and walked over yet with a beauty many of us can’t explain. Enjoy the journey…. Laz