New mix-media work..

Been busy working on my new mix-media work. I have these 2 new pieces and some others I haven’t photographed yet. It’s been quite exciting mixing my photography and creating textures in canvases, wording and lost/ found objects. I have like 3 other pieces with a spiritual/religious feel to theme. Ive also been working with canvases creating some amazing textures with gauze, fibers, fabrics, colors, etc. Just been letting my SOUL free to do whatever it wants.  I’m controlling anything my creative mat want to add to my pieces, it all works out at the end!!! Enjoy. As you all know, all my work is for sale…










6 thoughts on “New mix-media work..

    1. Hey Regina! Yeah, it took me awhile to get myself back on track. The move and getting adjusted are still set with me, but just needed some time for myself. I’m coming back slowly. Thanks for the comment and great to see you as well, hugs!!!

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