My window displays at Neiman Marcus..

So, this is what I do for a living, aside from my photography and art. I’m the Visual Manager for Neiman Marcus in St Louis.  I create the windows and concepts. I also decide the fashion as well. I’ve been doing this for over 25 years! I love what I do and I can always fall back on a job like this if I need to. I closed my shop cause this was an opportunity that many can’t have and I feel very lucky. I hope you enjoy my work… Laz..












11 thoughts on “My window displays at Neiman Marcus..

      1. Good! Like you I am trying to get my blogging self back into gear. Sounds like you have had some major changes happening in your world. I think that’s a really really good thing! How are you settling in??

    1. Yeah, Ive had some major changes. Closed my shop for this opportunity. St Louis is ok, not my place but its a new experience! A big learning curve here that’s for sure. I miss my mountains and hiking trails. need to get back to my Spirituality side of me. Yeah, i saw you you haven’t been on for awhile but glad you are back!!!!

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