I’m Ready…

Hello, everyone, wow… Sorry that I took so long to start back in my blogging but the transitioning was not easy. Then I felt I just wasn’t ready to start blogging! As much as I hate to say it, I’m still trying to feel at home in this new city. I miss my mountains so, so much!!! Not sure how long I will be here, but I know that it’s for 2 years with my lease and my job after that then I’m ready to move on if it’s time. Right now, I’m just getting use to the weather, people, getting around, and trying to make time for my art, photography and cards. My new job is great! I get to do my window displays and handle merchandise that only I would buy if I was ever to get rich! It just kills me when I see what people spend. I see ladies that buy shoes for 650.00, 1,500, 400.00 like ordering a cup of coffee!.. Not sure if money is the answer to happiness, at least not for me. I’m not saying that is wrong or right to spend that type of money cause I guess some people have earned it working hard, but what I see is that it changes many people to be greedy and it scares me to even think of that. It’s nice having a paycheck every 2 weeks but I have to say that I do miss my shop!. It was my baby and I worked very hard for over a year to keep it up. I had no life but again, it was mine, I did what I wanted, had no boss to tell me what to do and meet some wonderful and amazing customers that have become very good friends. Ive been so out of the loop with blogging that I feel I’ve missed so much. But it’s funny how some times things trigger in you to start and get back on track. I won’t promise that I will blog everyday but I do know that slowly I will get back on track and you will see more of me going forward. I will leave you with my new work! I’ve been working with making images look old and I just love the process! Thank you all for waiting…I’m very happy to be back.. Enjoy my new work.. Laz



3rd Window change...Neiman Marcus-003

Art Images on March.-001




Italian Cemetary By San Francisco..The ocean..Veils Fall.1-002





8 thoughts on “I’m Ready…

    1. jajaja, your funny David! Thanks! Yeah, I’m sort of that way as well, you can”t live your life on other peoples rules! I know I don’t, that’s for sure..nice to see you as well…

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