A New Journey…

Hello, everyone. Well, as you all know I have been taking care of my shop for a long time and haven’t been able to be consistent with my blogging and I do apologize for that, but I’m announcing that a new journey has arrived! I have closed my shop and will be moving to St Louise cause I got offered an amazing job working for Neiman Marcus as there ” Executive Visual Manager”!!! I’m like walking on air and so happy. I loved the experience of having my own shop for over a year and I feel so lucky to have been blessed in making a dream come true! I was very successful in keeping the shop for over a year and that was my goal, anything over a year would be extra and it did happen. The only draw back  was having no time in doing my art, photography and blogging. It took every energy from me and left me with no time for what I love to do. I was joggling 2o balls at one time and suddenly they started to fall in my head and that was no fun! jajajaja!!! I knew the time was to come when I had to make a decision and so I did. I felt good deciding, that closing the shop would be the best thing for me.  I was looking for an outlet to get away from Reno, NV. I just felt that I have grown to big for this city and Neiman Marcus happened to come along. I was about to do that same mistake I have done before, looking who would relocate me to another city! Little did I know that God had put this in my path. I applied for the position, not even putting any thought about it as it started progressing it started to feel that this was the right choice, every day  felt right. With almost 5 month of phone interviews, waiting, waiting, more interviews on the phone, the job was mine! Talking about the ” Law of Attraction”!!!! Now I will have time to do my things and blog in a more consistent manner plus you all get to visit  St Louise through my images!!! A whole new journey has arrived and in 3 weeks I will be driving to it! I will be away for awhile since I start my new job on April, 8th. Once I get back on my feet, I will start posting. In the meantime I’m looking forward to seeing each of your journeys as well, with beautiful images. Will see you soon! And thank you for the ” Patience”.. Hugs to all. Laz…


DSC_0449.NEF That’s me!!!!


Art Images on March.-001




7 thoughts on “A New Journey…

    1. thanks Joylene! It is a fun job b ut it can be a stressful one like any other. The position of an Executive Visual Manager is, I’m in charge that Neiman Marcus looks more than amazing when customers walk in! , I over look the styling of the fashion of the mannequins in every dept, make sure displays are up to Neiman Marcus standards, we have every 2 week window changes for any type of even, seasonal, etc. I over look the architectural elements that go on the floor, floral arrangements, set-up fashion shows in store for any new designer, I over look each of my staffs work to make sure they are doing an excellent job in each of there departments, then as for me over all this, I will have responsibilities of designing the store front windows, style the mannequins with the latest fashion, manage a team of 3 which I hear they are GREAT!!!and etc! Yes over all is a fun job, Ive been doing this for over 23 years!

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