Photo Challenge: Inspiration

This is a wonderful Challenge yet so hard for me, cause I have so many things that inspire me. I don’t just have one subject that I love to photography cause when carrying my camera around, I find inspiration in everything around me. It can be from the simplest to the most complex of subject matters. Here’s a few of what inspires me, my eyes and my camera….



As you see, all these images inspire me.Do I have a preference of what I like? Yes, I do. I find myself drawn to Abandoned Buildings, Rusted Metals, Flowers, Abstract Art, Nature, and Cemetery’s. I’m also inspired by simple everyday things, those things we pass along the way and not even think about it twice! Hope you enjoyed the journey… Laz


14 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Inspiration

  1. Great quote. So many great great images here. Naturally I love the rust images. They just totally make me smile. But I also LOVE that shot of the window with the bottles. Great stuff!!!!!

  2. excellent post! as i was looking at the pics. i could feel the oldness and the life still in them. i love to look at old abandoned houses and such and imagine what they used to be like when they were still in use. you are right they are alive,it just takes people that love that sort of thing to see the life in them.

    1. Hey Manoli! Si sigo publicando, lo que tuve que parar por un rato porque con la tienda y el blog me estaba volviendo loco!!! jajajaja, era mucho Manoli. Pues ahora lo que hago es publicar de ves en cuando. Abrazos, y muchas gracias!!!!

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