Wonderful idea!!!!!!

Hello, everyone. This was posted on a friend of mine face book and I thought, wow as a small business owner myself, this would be so awesome!!!!! Pass it along!!! I’m on the works of another post but to sell my crafts, post cards, photography ect. Lots of new stuff I have been creating for the Holidays!!! Hugs to all and hope all is well.. Laz

Buy local this Christmas!



7 thoughts on “Wonderful idea!!!!!!

    1. Yes it is, not because I own a small business but because it will help so many struggling at the moment. I know how hard it is to take that step in making your DREAM happen. I hope people will do this!!!

  1. Sounds good to me….I used to like Christmas, you know when it was Christmas not the retail festival that it has become. Kids not making up a Santa list but compiling a list from catalogues seems not to be right.

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