Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Hello, Everyone!! Its been awhile, so just wanted to let you know I’m alive!!!! Just taking care of my store and starting to teach mix media classes so, I’m working on a schedule and brochure. I just wanted to do the weekly challenge! Hope everyone is doing fine, PEACE…




This is just great!!!!

Thoughts on Theatre

While we have plenty to be afraid of in our daily lives, these seven killers may have never crossed your mind. Mostly because these ones don’t have a face, or even a name. But they are dangerous all the same. Husband and wife team Andrew and Gaia Grant have dubbed them the “creativity killers.”

Our generation has seen a steep drop off in creativity despite access to better resources, quicker communication, and a host of other perks. Meaning that these menacing criminals have already been stalking their prey and getting away with it for far too long. Thanks to the Grants’ book, Who Killed Creativity, we now have a forensic gameplan for how to spot these killers in action and prevent them from committing future crimes.

The best way to stay safe from them out on those mean streets? Use failure as an opportunity to learn, pick a new hobby and…

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