Bodie, California…” A Journey Throuhg a Ghost Town”…..Set #1

In 1859, prospectors chasing rumors of mineral wealth found gold east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Their discovery gave rise to Bodie, one of the West’s wildest gold mining boom towns. By 1880 the phrase “Badman from Bodie” described the town’s rambunctious inhabitants, earning the community a reputation for violence that rivaled Tombstone, Deadwood and Dodge City.

Today Bodie is a ghost town, preserved in a “state of arrested decay” by the California Department of Parks and Recreation as Bodie State Historic Park. Explore  a once-vibrant town left frozen in time.


So, Finally!!! Sorry that it has taken me this long to post this journey but I wanted to work on the images and make them look like if you were pulled right in! This was am amazing experience. Their will be more than one post since I took so many images. Enjoy…


Come in please. This was once my home. Enjoy the stay…








51 thoughts on “Bodie, California…” A Journey Throuhg a Ghost Town”…..Set #1

  1. The walls do talk. It`s up to us how we chose to interpret it 🙂
    Loved this and I look forward to see more of your amazing photos and your journey!

    ~ Sirenia ~

      1. I was thinking that the window pic was definitely my favorite. However the more I consider it, the more I think the kitchen pic is the one. I just appreciate the idea that someone out there will always have dirty dishes waiting to be done longer than it feels like mine have been waiting to be done. 😉

    1. Thanks Mobius! You would love it their, lol lol.. The funny thing is that you see all these people taking photos and I’m here going for the wall texture, rusted metals, broken windows, moldings, etc, lol lol.. Wait till you see the town ones’. It was so windy that day, my God!. I was told that if you call theme with time, they can get you in before they even open the doors to the public which mean you can get into some of the rooms that are locked.

    1. Thanks Martine!!! Well actually you want to know the kicker? The people that give the tours and take care of the place live in that town!!!! I had the pleasure of talking to one of the rangers and she told me all about it. In winter is the worse cause it snows up to 20 feet! and so cold, but mostly all of theme get to leave right when Winter comes and like 5 or 6 stay. They each have their own little house, quiet, peaceful, all nature oriented. She said that she loves the experience and that when leaves Bodie she misses it and when she comes back, she tells me, all I can say is ” I’m home”!!!. After the park is closed, they all get together and cook and just have fun! I wouldn’t mind doing that for a season!!!

  2. Beautiful photographs! Very eerie. I love going in to abandoned homes like this one. I did so once for a freelance photojournalism piece that was published in my local newspaper. The cool part was that as the photographer of the newspaper was going through the photographs, he realized that he knew the man that once lived there (in the abandoned house) and I was able to track him down and talk to him for some anecdotes/memories of his childhood in that house. His stories made the photographs all the more telling!

    1. Thanks Kate!!! Wow, how amazing is that. Well, in this town there’s a museum with so many images that are just amazing and then you have a sign saying, can you please help us identify any of these people?. So, it’s just amazing. I need to go back and have theme let me in the areas that are locked! They would do that for photographers. I just didn’t know….

    1. Well its a huge town!!! Just wait till you see the rest of the images. This was one of the houses that had happened to be open! But a lot of the houses are locked, but if you talk to the rangers and tell theme you are a photographer they would let you in to the ones you might like to visit inside. This town was suddenly left just like you see it! Nothing is arranged! The families one day just got up and left! Plate settings as they were, beds, framed images, clothing, even the store has all the clothing, lamps, etc. Is just amazing…

      1. This is incredible. So interesting. Now that you’ve talked furthermore about it. I even got more amazed by it and by you discovering and pushing to get in. Good job! You have a very very artistic eye.

  3. Lo encuentro un lugar muy interesante, otro sitio al que me gustaría ir, imagino que lo pasarías en grande con tu cámara, me llama la atención que aún siendo tan antiguo hay muebles que se parecen muchísimo a los que venden hoy en día, ¡maravilloso reportaje!, me has hecho viajar hasta allí!!, besos Lázaro

    1. Gracias Manoli. El lugar es estupendo!!!Increible los muebles, lamparas, todo. La historia es que un dia todas la familais se fueron de Bodie! Dejando todo como tu lo ves!!! Nada ahi esta arreglado. Eso es la belleza del lugar, que todo el mudo se fue dejandolo asi!!! Besos..

  4. oh i love stuff like this!! i love to look at old abandoned houses/buildings and try to imagine the people that lived/worked in them and what the times were like then. thanks for the post and awesome pics.!!

    1. Thanks for replying to mu post and liking! I love it to. These buildings were just amazing. Did you see the rest of the older post with old buildings? You would love it!!!

  5. I love these photos. The place seems like something from a movie. I think its so wonderful how everything is still in its place. Cant wait to see more.

  6. Bodie seems to be quite a place. And have managed to capture the spirit in a magnificent way, presenting it in your own way. My favourite photos are the one of the blue chair and the one with the bed. (And by the way sorry for having been absent lately, I just haven’t had time to comment the last couple of weeks),

  7. Hey Munchow, no worries, I’m as well behind with the blog’s. Thank you for the wonderful comment and yes, it is an amazing place.. Ive seen so many images of Bodie but I wanted to capture my own essence of the place..

  8. I enjoyed the photo essay. As a retied history teacher I have become more interested and appreciative of the articles of daily life used by people of different places and times instead of wars, politics and kings and queens.

    1. I so agree with you!! I think as photographers we bring a different type of history to the world. We capture the essence of places once lived. We each have a way to show our own history through the lens!! Thanks for the comment. I always enjoy your posts!!!

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