Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

Well,  their are times that you just wait for that perfect picture to be shown, well for me that is! lol… I have to say that I was so proud when I took this image back in 2008. It was my 35mm Canon. I t was given to me by my best friend one Christmas when she surprised me! I still remember when he had gone camera shopping for her and it was actually for me!!! She kept asking me, do you like this camera and I was oh my GOD yes! At that time cameras were expensive and the body of that camera was 800.00! And then the lens was separate and that was 1,200! So do that math! lol..  This image came from that camera! And the tittle of the challenge couldn’t fit any better!!! Enjoy it!..





18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

  1. Is there a way to follow this blog via email? I don’t see the button on the site, but maybe I just missed it. Please let me know because I don’t want to miss any of the awesome! 🙂

      1. Thank you Lazaro. I’m still pretty new to Zazzle, gathering experience. All I can tell you is, that so far, I’ve had good feedback on my t-shirts.

  2. Wow, Regina. Thank you so much for asking!! That just made my day when I saw this post! Now just for you I will post something today but I’m getting better from that cold, but been so busy with my store and business part of it. I come home and honestly Regina, I go on the blogs, check a “like” and have no energy for anything else, but to hit that bed! lol..But, I’m starting to feel that itching to put all my new work, I will go slow.. Hugs. peace. Laz

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