La Vie Boheme: This is my store…

I know I keep talking about my Boutique/Gallery. So here are some images for you to view of what my store looks like and is about. I need to capture some more like the journals, papers, etc. Enjoy!!! Have a wonderful Friday and I will be opening up in like 2 hours. I’m getting my coffee to relax before headed over their!!..


44 thoughts on “La Vie Boheme: This is my store…

    1. Thanks Hannah! Its been a lot of fun and a bit of stress but over all, I have no regrets! Its very electric style of shop and many love it and some don’t get the concept, but oh well…Thank you for the comment!!!

  1. This is great, Laz! I love your choices for the displays and how you put things together. Thanks for the “window” into your shop. I can only imagine all the hard work you put into this. Best of success to you!!!!

    1. Thanks Regina! Well, Ive been doing visual’s for over 23 years! That was my passion when I was young and then living in NY , I worked for high end stores doing the windows in 5th Ave, so it in my blood! lol lol. I have a lot of fun doing the displays! Yes. its a lot of hard work I won’t lie and sometimes very frustrating when sales don’t go good but honestly Regina, I have no regrets! I’m very proud of myself for making this DREAM come true!! I opened last year in Oct of 2011. Ive made it so far through the harsh winter no sales day!!! That say’s it was meant to be so far!

  2. Oh, Laz! Beautiful shop!! I am of course drawn to the photos and frames and how you have them displayed. Do you do online sales…I need to look through your info here again. I love it.

  3. did u arrange it all by yourself… very creative especially the 1st and 5th… Nice shop for a weekend shopping-spree 🙂

    1. Thanks Aisfa! Yeah, Ive been doing displays for over 20 years so it was fun doing it and even better that it was my own style!! The shop is very nice and so different to what they have in the area!!!

  4. Its funny cause I do very well with it and its one of a kind, unique and different. I buy a lot in New York and I still have boxes full of clothes from when I was a Fashion Stylist. I always tell my friend, ok send me a box! lol lol.. I will be putting things on face book so if you are interested just let me know….

    1. Thanks!!! Its funny cause even though I have woman’s fashion, I also have what I call ” Men cave Art”, which is art photography for guys! Some do browse, others I get that look of oh its a chick store, lol,And very few come in to buy something unique for their wives or girlfriend. Over all the store is for anyone…

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