“New Work-Art and Mix Media..”

Hello, everyone. Not sure what happened but my 2 post got mixed and one just disappear and had to do this one all over again! Oh, well stranger things have happened before! lol.. Enjoy it…

                             PS: I will be posting my new work from a trip I took to a ghost town called ” Bodie”!!! It was amazing and the story behind it as well. This town was once a booming mining town and one day everyone just left the town and left everything how it was!!!! Plate settings on tables, beds done, I mean it was crazy and amazing to see this. You see books open, glass ware, lamps, shoes, etc. So, I will keep you in suspense for the moment!!!! Until then. Peace…..

27 thoughts on ““New Work-Art and Mix Media..”

    1. That’s funny you said that cause the mix media one has my photography which is the Buddha image towards the bottom!! I love doing mix media but it takes a long time to put a piece together and having a store makes it pretty tough, but it’s on my list to do things!! I do theme slowly and when I get that inspiration and time. Thank for the comment..

    1. Thanks Kellie! I love doing mix media, it just takes time and like you know I have a store it makes it so hard to come home tired and work on a piece! But at the same time it also helps me with the stress when I work on mix media. I will show the ones I did which are called ” Milagros” (Miracles) in English…These are even more complicated cause they are done with religious found objects! They are amazing!!! I will post theme soon , so you can see theme..

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