Please, all my followers, you need to watch this video!!! Its one of those videos that will change your mind thought forever! The inspiration, love and just see life as it is from this men, it’s inspiring! Not to mentio I did throw down some tears! It touched me like if GOD has told me, look at him, now look at yourself, what is stopping you from being what you want to be, or doing what you want to do!!!

Crafting Glass

I posted this because I don’t want to lose it…I want to be able to go back and listen to it at times that I think I’m defeated.  I teared up when I saw this…I know, big surprise…but I think others may too.  Save it, repost it, pass it on…I’m sure their is someone in your life that needs to here this right now

God Bless, Julia

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Bodie, California…” A Journey Throuhg a Ghost Town”…..Set #1

In 1859, prospectors chasing rumors of mineral wealth found gold east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Their discovery gave rise to Bodie, one of the West’s wildest gold mining boom towns. By 1880 the phrase “Badman from Bodie” described the town’s rambunctious inhabitants, earning the community a reputation for violence that rivaled Tombstone, Deadwood and Dodge City.

Today Bodie is a ghost town, preserved in a “state of arrested decay” by the California Department of Parks and Recreation as Bodie State Historic Park. Explore  a once-vibrant town left frozen in time.


So, Finally!!! Sorry that it has taken me this long to post this journey but I wanted to work on the images and make them look like if you were pulled right in! This was am amazing experience. Their will be more than one post since I took so many images. Enjoy…


Come in please. This was once my home. Enjoy the stay…







Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

Well,  their are times that you just wait for that perfect picture to be shown, well for me that is! lol… I have to say that I was so proud when I took this image back in 2008. It was my 35mm Canon. I t was given to me by my best friend one Christmas when she surprised me! I still remember when he had gone camera shopping for her and it was actually for me!!! She kept asking me, do you like this camera and I was oh my GOD yes! At that time cameras were expensive and the body of that camera was 800.00! And then the lens was separate and that was 1,200! So do that math! lol..  This image came from that camera! And the tittle of the challenge couldn’t fit any better!!! Enjoy it!..




NoT fEeLiNg GoOd…

Hello everyone, I haven’t forgotten about Bodie! I just been feeling so miserable with the FLU! I’ll be going to the Doctor tomorrow and get check out !! I have no energy for anything, I HATE FEELING LIKE THIS!!!

..That’s how I FEEL RIGHT NOW!!! LOL

La Vie Boheme: This is my store…

I know I keep talking about my Boutique/Gallery. So here are some images for you to view of what my store looks like and is about. I need to capture some more like the journals, papers, etc. Enjoy!!! Have a wonderful Friday and I will be opening up in like 2 hours. I’m getting my coffee to relax before headed over their!!..


“New Work-Art and Mix Media..”

Hello, everyone. Not sure what happened but my 2 post got mixed and one just disappear and had to do this one all over again! Oh, well stranger things have happened before! lol.. Enjoy it…

                             PS: I will be posting my new work from a trip I took to a ghost town called ” Bodie”!!! It was amazing and the story behind it as well. This town was once a booming mining town and one day everyone just left the town and left everything how it was!!!! Plate settings on tables, beds done, I mean it was crazy and amazing to see this. You see books open, glass ware, lamps, shoes, etc. So, I will keep you in suspense for the moment!!!! Until then. Peace…..