Hello, Everyone. Well, I was very ” LUCKY” to be part of one of the places  that would see the Eclipse! I had total view of it, it was all MINE!!! LOL LOL.. I had no one around me cause the route I take home is through the mountains and there’s an open space that was just wonderful for me to park my car and photograph my life away. Now,these images are not like ” WOW” cause keep in mind that I had no Telephoto lens, no Tripod, and I had nothing to guard my eyes, but I know you were not suppose to look at it, but from time to time I did have quick glances!!! I also had to run out of my store and close a bit early to capture these images. Hope you all enjoy it!!!! It was pretty awesome to be part of this. PEACE.



26 thoughts on “Eclipse…

  1. Beautiful. Our neighbors apparently hadn’t heard the precautions about not looking straight at the sun. I saw them leaning on the fence staring away at it. My husband said they’ll be using a white cane soon.

    1. Wow, thanks John! I didn’t think they were anything special, just because I saw some from other people just using their phone and I was like, what! At least I was able to see it and be part of it!!!

      1. I’m happy you did! I missed it but heard it was a special one that affected the global consciousness. It was too coincidental the number of people that reported showing up for appointments a day or hours earlier because they mixed up their days of the week. Thanks again for posting the photos.

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