The Dance of Passion and Desire…

So, I forgot to explain this image. Last week in Virginia City that’s the town were I have my shop and I take those awesome images of old cars and abandoned mine buildings, they have their annual chilli cook off and this year it was combined with the Beltane festival! Later that night their was going to be a show in a parking lot area that is called ” Controlled Burn” if any of you are ever familiar with the event of the year that attracts thousands and thousands  of people from all over the world called “Burning Men”!!! which is done just an hour 1/2 away from here, this group are part of the performers from that event and I was lucky to have seen theme that night! They all perform with fire and they use different techniques as the fire ball, the burning fans, the lashing weep, and etc.  This is actual  “FIRE” coming from their huge pipes on top of a truck! Just at the right moment this huge pipe let out this spit fire! You know I will be posting about this event which I took some amazing images with the dancers and choreography…

8 thoughts on “The Dance of Passion and Desire…

    1. Hey Zully, well never been to it. They say it’s great. For me the problem is that it gets so expensive every year and from what people have told me it’s geared more and more to that crowd that has money! But none the less they say its a wonderful experience!!! I think last year was one of the best ones and the theme was called ” Right of Passage”. I saw some images and it was just AMAZING!!! Will I ever attend one, hmmmm not sure even though I hear it’s wonderful it just doesn’t call that attention for me. But who knows… lol… Peace

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