Nothing Is Eternal, Even Beauty Fades…

14 thoughts on “Nothing Is Eternal, Even Beauty Fades…

    1. Thank you Elena!!!, actually I’m a huge fan of photographing textures everywhere I go. It can be cracked walls, rock, broken glass, old walls, pealing paint, etc I have an extensive file of textures I use. This one is a wall that was pealing…What I love about these textures I use is that they all can’t just go with any image! I go through so many of theme when I create shots like these and then after you just get that right texture!

  1. I wonder how much alteration they did on this one. The cracks don’t really matter how it’s naturally formed. They really just need to paint/draw over it. I think the peeled portion was the one with the most modification. Anyhow, I love the creativity. It really incites imagination. Great that captured this. Thanks, laz.

  2. Hey Romel, well I shot the image. These are 2 images combined. One of a mannequin on a window and the 2nd layer is a textured wall. I shot a lot of texture to create back drops or layer over another image. The textured old wall was perfect for the face, the way it peeled away from the skin was what I was looking for! Thanks for the comment!!!!

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