WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

To my wonderful followers, sorry that I haven’t been posting on my blog lately. As you all may know I own a store and it’s so much work and time consuming looking after it! I’m not complaining(lol) it just takes so much of my time and when I get home and I see 130 wonderful post from others I’m following it get’s so overwhelming!…Don’t think I’m ignoring anyone or tired of posting, I love to see the stories and images each of you bring to the table. Just bare with me from time to time. Hope you enjoy the challenge! Let’s see what new images I load around this week!!! Peace to all. Laz


20 thoughts on “WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

  1. Life gets overwhelming sometimes, and we all have to have priorities! The blog and your followers will still be here when you’re caught up 🙂

  2. Don’t worry about whether or not you are able to follow up other bloggers as much as you want to. It takes time, and it should be fun. Just let yourself off the hook and play around when you have time. Now to this week’s challenge, I like what you have come up with, and it’s fun to see how you varied the subject matter and content. My favourite is the second picture with the partly covered plastic spoon. There is some mystery about it, like an open ending to the story it tells, which I like.

    1. Thanks so much Munchow! Is true is all about fun and not stress out weather you are behind or not! I know many people follow that blogging rule and felt that I should say something for being behind.

  3. Lovely photos Laz. I think that everyone struggles to keep up with blogging and reading followers posts at times. I am constantly falling behind. So dont worry, Im sure everyone understands 🙂

  4. munchow and kellie – i so agree with you both, that is so well said. it must be kept fun, and i of many, do understand.. : )

  5. Great blues…and sounds like you might have the blues 🙂 I don’t think bloggers need to apologize…it’s hard to keep up. And my secret? When I get a huge backlog I close my eyes and go through and delete it all. When you get new posts from those you follow you can start over again.

  6. Que bonitas imágenes, me encantan Lázaro, la de la biblia preciosa. Yo estoy igual, muy atrasada, espero que sepan perdonar, abrazos

    That nice images, I am charmed with them Raggedy beggar, that of the precious bible. I am equal, very backward, hope that they can excuse, embraces

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