10 thoughts on “Discarded…

    1. Hey Robert! Thanks!!!! You would go crazy in this area and probably have to stay for months to cover theme all! lol lol.. This was taken in Virginia City, NV right inside a mine area that you can’t be walking around but I finally had the guts to park my car across and walk inside!!! So stay tune bud for whats to come!!

    1. Thanks Anne! Yup on my days off I drive around looking for places like this! We have so many of theme!!!! Just last Saturday I was told by one of my customers about an ” Amethyst” mine site! You know after work I had to do and came back with a huge bag full of semi precious rocks!!! Still paying for it cause my arm hurts from carrying that bag down the hike and a camera! lol

  1. Thanks Wayne! I thought about you this past weekend! We had the motorbike races!!! Would of be in heaven. We had over a thousand people all over the States racing 6 laps of 27 miles! You should of seen the Harleys parked right in front of my store!!!!

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