Virginia City, NV Skies!…

I have to say that were I live the skies are just beautiful and they form these clouds that are just amazing. Mother nature at her best…

18 thoughts on “Virginia City, NV Skies!…

  1. Beautiful shots! I really like the 3rd and 5th shots, the ones with the landscape in the foreground, awesome composition. Especially the 5th one, with the color of the ground matching the color highlights in the sky.

    1. Hey!! Yup that is all real!!!! lol lol… I know that feeling of the city. I lived in NY and wasn’t ever aware that things like this were real. Then I moved to New Mexico and I was blown by the skies and the endless eternity feeling of it! Now I live in Nevada and the skies are just amazing! Not sure if I can do the city again. I miss it at times but then I see these type of beauty and realize, wow this is truly a blessing! Thank you for stopping by and I love your blog by the way! Glad that was all resolved!!! Great work on that… Peace.

  2. Impresionante Lázaro! sabes que me encantan los cielos, pero los tuyos son preciosos, abrazos

    Siento llegar tarde, pero voy muy atrasada tengo muchísimo trabajo.

    Lazarus awesome! you know I love the skies, but yours are beautiful, hugs

    Sorry I’m late, but I’m very late I have a lot of work.

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