The Artist In Me…

Well, today I decided to bring something new to the table!  I have always been connected to drawing but my favorite is ” Abstract”. Many years ago  when I lived in New Mexico, I was going through some changes in my life and their was no way I could shake it all off and move on. One day I decided to buy some canvases and pour it all out!!! Slowly I started playing with my canvas and didn’t stop what my hands were doing, if it’s doing what is doing, then there’s a reason why! I let the colors speak, my mind create and my soul open up. These were the results:

” We Are One Soul”

” The Clashing Of The Subconscious”


” Vicious Circle”… Now this one is most definitely how I was feeling. If you notice you will find in the center something,  I won’t say what it is but is the crucial part of this painting and around that is that circle that sometimes is hard to break free from. It doesn’t have to do with drugs at all! This was all personal, work, stress, and friends related”..

” The Energy Of Pressed Flowers”

I have never shown these to anyone, it was a secret I always kept. Lately I have connected with this lady that lives right around were my store is. I can’t put it together of why I’m so connected to this lady but I love talking to her. maybe that 1st time she ever came to my store, she needed someone to talk with and we did for hours! She told me she was a painter and did jewelry. The other day she came by my store to show me her paintings that were photographed by her son, I was BLOWN!!!!! Never imagined her work to look like that! She is 76 years old, with a hard life and 3 kids, one that passed away, her daughter which does big time drugs and the other son that is married to a hospital technician.  We talked for hours once again, and I said, well I will show you a secret. I opened up my old vintage suit case were I had these paintings, suddenly she was like, ” Lazaro, I didn’t know this side of you”… She loved it and that gave me the courage to show theme and sell theme on my store plus start working on some more! My mind is now working that painter side of me to let go and let draw!…. Enjoy…


40 thoughts on “The Artist In Me…

  1. What a gift of yourself you have shared with us. Your paintings have such emotion and vibrancy. It looks like your journey through the Land of Enchantment was quite a journey. When I enjoy your photography I will remember these painting. Thank you

    1. Thank you for such a beautiful response mountainmae! I call it ” Land Of Entrapment” cause that’s what it does! Is such a beautiful and spiritual place for me. You know when you have found home? Well that is were home is for me and it’s calling me to go back home! Thank you so much!!!

    1. Thanks Kasmango, I always say any type of art medium is an amazing healer to your soul! Not sure why I kept these hidden, I guess maybe some real painter saying, what crap is this! lol, but I have come to learn that what you do from the HEART are the things that make you happy and you did theme for a reason! That,s how I paint from the heart and not a vision. I paint from feelings. Will what the next one will be!..

  2. did you intentionally make that first one so that it looks like layers upon layers of thread or strings or cords or something? it’s got such a 3d look to it, like thin tentacles all reaching over each other. i don’t know if that’s what you were aiming for, but that’s what i see.

    1. Hey Rich, well if you read the tittle ” We Are All One Soul”, yes these are like any of the things you mention, cause is what your mind is responding to. Is the connection that we are all ” ONE” connected with millions of other souls. So you are right on target! Its a reaching out, intertwine, over each other.

  3. You have a real talent for abstract art. I love these. I really like the first one ” we are one soul” . Great work. Thank you so much for sharing these paintings. I hope you are going to produce more.

    1. Thanks Kellie, well now I have to! jajajaja, these compliments have been AMAZING! Is not that I don’t like theme, I just felt they wouldn’t be anything special but once again I learn something new here, is how people see it and if they connect with any of these, then the effort was worth doing! Yes, I will be working on some new ones soon…..:)

  4. i’m glad you have brought these out as they are wonderful abstracts, i have always enjoyed abstracts. i enjoyed the accompanying text and i agree you should continue to paint. why hide such a delightful talent.. ; )

    1. Hello, Dine thank you so much for that comment. Not sure why I was hiding theme, in that luggage! I would say like for 5 years I had theme hidden. It might be what many artist go through of rejection or someone saying, that’s not art, etc. But with years I have learned that their is someone that is going to love what you do and connect with it as well. Like that lady which I talked about. She came to my shop yesterday and looked at theme for sale and said, you did good, everyone is looking at your work, Laz. She honestly was the one that broke me out of that shell…I already have 5 working pieces on my mind, so every time I finish one I will post. Thank you for the courage to move on with this medium!!!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yeah its so much fun!!!! I love it as well. I already have some work in my head I need to start working on!!!! Would love to see your work! Enjoy that journey!!!!

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