Weekly Challenge: Sun


-Sorry, but had to add this image I took so many years ago in New Orleans, now the image is not all that great because I had a Minolta 35mm and I remember waking up in the morning and from my hotel room, this was my wake up call but I got the camera so fast and I was so fascinated with something like this amazing that I know I screwed up the fstops and forgot all about it!!! Yet the image is stunning! I will never get an opportunity like this one, cause no other will ever be the same. Enjoy..


20 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge: Sun

  1. Thanks Angeline!!! It is an amazing photo, I just wished I paid attention when I grabed that camera! To me when I saw that from my hotel window it reminded me of the Kingdom of GOD! It was just like, WOW. Then I thought, I wonder how many people will believe that this happened just like the image, theirs no photoshop or adding tricks…

  2. Amazing photos. I especially like the 3rd image. You say you screwed up the fstops but I think its good that you did as it produced a fantastic photo.

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