My Dreamscape Place…

.. This is  my hidden little secluded place I escape to. I drove their today to relax and get away from it all and specially doing my business taxes for the 1st time! I needed some peace and reflection upon so much going on in my life right now. I walked all along this river and then sat in my camping chair to listen at the river talk to me. I waited and waited for answers but all I kept hearing was: You come here to relax and forget your troubles, let everything flow down our path and just remember you are always welcome at your 2nd home!…

…Truckee River California…

29 thoughts on “My Dreamscape Place…

    1. Thanks Mobius! jajaja, the funny thing is I can’t really tell you just because is a bit complex of how to get their. It just happened the like 2 years ago when I was driving to Truckee California. I saw it on the opposite side of the highway! Had to do all these turns and find it again!.. Now, if the person was with me, I gladly take theme!!!:)

    1. Thanks! I have to say that aside from all the turmoil of life, I’m very blessed to not just have a place like this but to explore places like this! This place happened just by luck! It is my place to sit and think and to photograph each season as well…. When the snow melts that river is so high that you can’t even get inside that secret path…

  1. Thanks Wayne, yes I definetly understand what you mean on sharing with people not only that get it but appreciate it as well. Looking forward to that post!!!

  2. We were in Truckee last summer and the river is beautiful. You’re blessed to have such a glorious space to collect yourself in and spend time in wonder, resting and breathing. Good for you!

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