The Mexican Mill…

Well, found this amazing site in Virginia City, NV. This was the “The Old Mexican Mill”, haven’t read the story behind it yet. This is an amazing place, I just feel so lucky to come across history like this. Enjoy….



23 thoughts on “The Mexican Mill…

    1. Thanks Mobius! The location is amazing!! I always find something like that in my area! I want to come back now in the summer to go deeper into this place, its a bit dangerouse so looking to most probably come with someone, plus, now when summer hits I will be using all these areas for ” Fashion photo shots!!!.. Can’t wait

  1. We were in Virginia City 2 summers ago, but didn’t come across this mill. Awesome — thanks for documenting this. So much of our history is falling away because it is very costly to preserve. We met a man who helps restore the cemetery in Carson City that same summer. Its truly a labor of love and a lot of back breaking work. It makes you appreciate what the people who settled there dealt with so long ago.

  2. That’s awesome, isn’t it a great place to visist!. My store is right between the Washoe Club and Pandorosa bar. Yeah I have heard of him as well, never meet him. I have the cemetary shots from VC. It does make you appreciate all this even more.. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thanks Pal! Did visit your site and I will be following it!! As for your comment, yes very true. I’m lucky to be surrounded by wonderful history and that moment of discovering great places!!

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