Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

I think these images have a 2 subject composition…


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

  1. They do indeed make two subjects. And you did very well with the challenge. My favourite s the one of the beetle. I really like the almost monochromatic tone as well as the dynamic perspective.

  2. Hey Rich, sure. The callenge is that you need to photograph yes like you wrote a 2 subject composition but it’s not that easy as you think. It needs to be 2 subjects that are different in the image, those it make sense?. You can’t have more than 2 subjects. Like the beetle image and the tree branch is 2. the bike and that men are 2, and ect. I had images that I thought were only 2 but suddenly I started to realize, oh this is more than 2 subjects…

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