Darn I’m Tired!!!

Hello, everyone. Well I’m back and so tired but so overwhelmed with my trip!!! I must say that I took 3 memory cards totaling 1,200 images!!! Yes I went crazy!! So, I will be posting tomorrow after noon, might be taking a short mini trip(jejejeje) will see. Thanks for all the wonderful post and letting me know you are all waiting to see what I bring back!! Ive got some AWESOME stuff!!! Night, everyone. Need to hit that bed…




19 thoughts on “Darn I’m Tired!!!

    1. Hey Rich thanks for the comment and stopping by! I saw your pics and they are good, what are you saying about being a poor photographer! The heck with what other things! They are great and remember practice makes you feel more comfortable with your camera!! About equipment, a wise advise: Its not about the equipment!!! I had a crappy camera at the beginning of it all, and the images were like if I had a camera that was worth thousands of dollars! That is were I learned that is not the camera but the eye you have!! Just have fun and take your camera everywhere with ya! Practice and if you want to upgrade, that’s ok, just get something that will make you happy when you see your own images!!

  1. This photo says soooo much… Needs a good look to really appreciate its brilliance… The rugged-ness of the walls, the patches and the colors … the not-so-visible strings, clotheslines? … what about that broken rail on that very top .. Those steps do not look like safe! … and above all, the candid-ness of having that ladder after all those exhausting-looking steps.

    Very excellent!

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