Hiking around Virginia City, NV and the Mining sites…

Yesterday was an amazing day.  I needed to get out of the house and decided to do some hiking in my area. As you may know, my shop is located in Virginia City, NV which at one time  was the richest city in the world because it was a mining town for Silver and Gold. I was able to get around some mines but they are so dangerous that you have to be very careful. I also found some nice pieces of mineral rocks! So here is what my day looked like. Enjoy and if you ever have a chance to be in Reno, NV you definitely need to visit Virginia City!!!

….. Stay tune for more to come, This is only the beginning of a wonderful journey of history through time…


17 thoughts on “Hiking around Virginia City, NV and the Mining sites…

    1. Thanks Angeline! The place is just amazing!!! There are so many mines, that I need Mondays to hike theme, but you will see some amazing images of these places, very happy you like…

  1. Thanks, Wayne… I have seen images of what it was in the 1800’s and it was mind blowing. What happened to this town was that in caught on fire and it nearly destroyed 85% of it! We get huge winds up their, so you can imagine how fast that fire spread with those winds! The history is just amazing!! Check it out but I will be posting many stories with my images..

    1. Gracias Manoli! Esto es en “Virginia City, NV”. Aqui es donde yo tengo mi boutique, buscalo en goggle y mira el lugar. Es como entrar en otro dimension! Si no me esquvoco, el show de ” Bonanza” salio de este lugar!

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