Been Nominated the Sunshine Award!

… Darn, this is great and I think I must be doing something right by getting these awards, which makes me feel good!!! I want to thank “” for the award which by the way this blog is ” AMAZING!!!!!” so do stop by and check it out…

Sunshine Award Rules:

  • Include the award’s logo in a post on your blog.
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers.
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you.


10 Questions about me: Lets hope I don’t repeat from previous awards…

1- I’m a boxer type of guy!( lol lol)

2-I’m a dog lover!

3-When it comes to religion I was raised Catholic but I’m more of a Spiritual Soul.

4-Love to drink Coffee!!!

5-Hate TV, all you see is negative crap! and the new shows are worthless!

6-Don’t like reality shows at all!!!!

7-I’m an only child! (nope I’m not spoiled at all!)

8-My favorite Season is the ” Fall”

9-I’m a bit of a night owl! I love to work at night time and sometimes I just get to carried away and their it is, 3am!

10-I have a Spiritual Journey I have to complete in India!

Now my nominations are:

1- Truly an amazing blog full of wonderful information that just comes from a pure heart and her cards are just beautiful!)

2- Just beautiful images that lighten up your day!)

3- Another blog I love to read cause Anne just writes from the heart, great images,  plus shes got some funny story’s!)

4- This is a man that enjoys life to the fullest plus talented in so many ways)

5- can we say about the wonderful poet Mari! She’s got the energy to write like the Energizer Bunny!, wonderful blog)

6- Mr Weisser  with such amazing water color drawings!)

7- The men that’s putting he’s life on the line for us and making sure we are safe, great blog and images!)

8- Wonderful blog if you are into the arts and theater! So much wonderful information and videos!)

9- Wonderful blog with wonderful images!)

10- And our Manoli  with such beautiful images of Architecture and the Beauty of Spain!)


Thank you all for being such a wonderful support and following my journey!…


The Last Stages Of Nature And She Still Dies Beautifully….

The trees blossom in Spring

and bear fruit in Summer

without seeking praise;

and they drop their leaves in Autumn

and become naked in Winter without fearing blame.

-Kahlil Gibran



There is something beautiful about these leaves that makes me come back and photograph theme every time I come to this place. They are all unique in their on way sculpted  to perfection by the hands of GOD!…

The Artist In Me…

Well, today I decided to bring something new to the table!  I have always been connected to drawing but my favorite is ” Abstract”. Many years ago  when I lived in New Mexico, I was going through some changes in my life and their was no way I could shake it all off and move on. One day I decided to buy some canvases and pour it all out!!! Slowly I started playing with my canvas and didn’t stop what my hands were doing, if it’s doing what is doing, then there’s a reason why! I let the colors speak, my mind create and my soul open up. These were the results:

” We Are One Soul”

” The Clashing Of The Subconscious”


” Vicious Circle”… Now this one is most definitely how I was feeling. If you notice you will find in the center something,  I won’t say what it is but is the crucial part of this painting and around that is that circle that sometimes is hard to break free from. It doesn’t have to do with drugs at all! This was all personal, work, stress, and friends related”..

” The Energy Of Pressed Flowers”

I have never shown these to anyone, it was a secret I always kept. Lately I have connected with this lady that lives right around were my store is. I can’t put it together of why I’m so connected to this lady but I love talking to her. maybe that 1st time she ever came to my store, she needed someone to talk with and we did for hours! She told me she was a painter and did jewelry. The other day she came by my store to show me her paintings that were photographed by her son, I was BLOWN!!!!! Never imagined her work to look like that! She is 76 years old, with a hard life and 3 kids, one that passed away, her daughter which does big time drugs and the other son that is married to a hospital technician.  We talked for hours once again, and I said, well I will show you a secret. I opened up my old vintage suit case were I had these paintings, suddenly she was like, ” Lazaro, I didn’t know this side of you”… She loved it and that gave me the courage to show theme and sell theme on my store plus start working on some more! My mind is now working that painter side of me to let go and let draw!…. Enjoy…

Weekly Challenge: Sun


-Sorry, but had to add this image I took so many years ago in New Orleans, now the image is not all that great because I had a Minolta 35mm and I remember waking up in the morning and from my hotel room, this was my wake up call but I got the camera so fast and I was so fascinated with something like this amazing that I know I screwed up the fstops and forgot all about it!!! Yet the image is stunning! I will never get an opportunity like this one, cause no other will ever be the same. Enjoy..

My Dreamscape Place…

.. This is  my hidden little secluded place I escape to. I drove their today to relax and get away from it all and specially doing my business taxes for the 1st time! I needed some peace and reflection upon so much going on in my life right now. I walked all along this river and then sat in my camping chair to listen at the river talk to me. I waited and waited for answers but all I kept hearing was: You come here to relax and forget your troubles, let everything flow down our path and just remember you are always welcome at your 2nd home!…

…Truckee River California…