Wild and Free…

… Ever since I moved to Virginia City, NV I have come to be fascinated with the wild horses!!! Is actually one of the attractions of the town. Living right on the Highlands, I have been blessed with seeing theme everyday, every morning and after work. They are just beautiful. I was even told that they roam in groups, which is amazing. As you can see, theirs a baby that must be very fresh, but I also found out this is the season where they mate, so I will be seeing lot of baby horses….


8 thoughts on “Wild and Free…

  1. That would be a sight to see. I grew up in a farming community where all the horses are domesticated. I’ve heard and seen many stories about wild horses out west. Would love to see them in person. You are so fortunate that you get to experience that. Are they still protected or do they still round them up from time to time.

    1. Thanks Mobius, were I’m at they round theme just when they get to close to danger like traffic areas and things like. But I heard some rumor about Obama signing some petition with the wild horses, not sure what’s up with that nor I want to imagine what it is about! They roam free in this area, tons of theme! I see theme behind my back yard, did you get to read my post were I interacted with theme and actually touched theme! That was just amazing!! I also know that in Vegas they round theme and kill theme! I was so pist when this girl told me, she bought like 3 framed images of some other I had photographed..

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