. I was nominated once again for the very inspiring blogger award!!! Wow.. This time by a beautiful angel Yamyah! Her her blog out!!!

the rules for the very inspiring blogger award are telling you seven random things about myself, thank the person who has awarded me for this award by linking them back and pass (award) to another 7 bloggers and let them know you’ve awarded them Again, all of you are inspiring to me, but I can only pick 7 and I think the 1st time I got this award I sort of didn’t tell the  I nominated people cause I thought they would read the post! Opps, my bad

before i declare the nominees, let me tell you another 7 things about myself.

1- I’m a musicholic!!! Love jazz, new age, smooth sounds, house music, lounge music, chill music, instrumental, old rock, 80’s,  some r&b artist, club music when I’m in the mood, some trance(not to hardcore).

2- I admit it, but for some reason I love multi tasking with projects! I can have 5 things going on at one time and it can be be a bit overwhelming!

3-Ive had the most wonderful outer body experience once in my life! It was just amazing, not sure if it will happen again.

4-I tend to be a ” Solitaire” soul many of times. I have no problems in doing things by myself.

5-EXTREMELY scared of heights! what we call VERTIGO! You won’t ever catch me doing anything like shy diving, bungee jumping, etc…

6-Love Coffee shops! The cozier the better. With a good book, journal and sketch book to write. I can be their for hours!

7-I have been “JOURNALING” for over 25 years now…

Now my nominations are, can you please pass me the envelope…No specific orders.








Have fun and thank you all for following my journeys and images….. Peace..

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