My Spring…

Well, I finally got to see some Spring today. I had a Doctor’s appointment this morning and decided to get up early and check out the Arboretum close to the University Park. I love it their cause when Spring hits full bloom, it’s very beautiful even though is very small!. I knew that I wasn’t going to see that much since we have been getting snow. I personally haven’t seen any signs of Spring were I’m at cause I live on the mountain area, so snow still is dominating right now! But to my surprise, I got some Spring in my SOUL!!!… By the way: The purple flower that you will see many of times, just blew me away on how beautiful it was. I didn’t see a name anywhere but I was like a baby with candy!!! I got on the floor and people were looking at me, like ” WHAT IS HE DOING?”.. I don’t have a Macro lens yet,  but I did A  hell of a good job not having one and getting as  close as I could… So, enjoy my Spring!!!


10 thoughts on “My Spring…

  1. wonderful =) I just love the 3rd and 5th pictures… very refreshing 🙂 and yeah the purple one too 😉 is that a Chinese bell flower???

    1. Thanks for the reply!!! I have no idea what the name was. I tried looking for a name around were they where but I didn’t see any signs, if you get to know what it is let me know. They are beautiful!!!

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