The Forgotten Land Of The Misfits…

A customer of mine, was in my store the other day and said, hey Laz have you been behind the hiking trails of the high school? I said no, didn’t even know they had a trail behind the school. She said, you would love it to photograph. Well after I closed the store, I was so curious to see what this place was. I drove over to the area and parked my car. At first I was like, hmmmm this looks a bit dangerous and scary but being a photographer, that is one of our natures to capture certain images we want! As I walked down the path, this was the site of the area. Not sure if it’s a great place to have with high school kids walking to school. Yet it was amazing. I didn’t go way to out their cause it was getting late plus it was cold. I will go with a friend to keep it safe NEXT TIME.! LOL…..


7 thoughts on “The Forgotten Land Of The Misfits…

  1. Great photos! . Theres always a sense of mystery when viewing things like this…..Makes me think about the history behind the objects and the people that once owned them. Great work!

  2. very interesting… esp. the green chair in the rusty background…. reminds me of something but just can’t place it… 😦

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