A Moment To Always Cherish…

Yesterday was a better day for me, The first sign was the rainbow as I was driving down the winding roads of the mountain cliffs and then at the end of my day coming back I had the most amazing experience that I will never forget and will always cherish it in my heart and life. Its one of those experiences that I felt so honored and lucky to be part of. Where I live the town is known for the “Wild Horses” that roam around, I can see theme all the time in my yard, as I drive to my store, and other people’s front yard. All My images of theme have been far away, but yesterday it was all some sort of fairy tale time for me. Driving home I saw a group of 6 wild horses including the baby. I almost kept driving when suddenly I had this urge to turn into the area they were. I parked my car close and watched, I didn’t want to get to close cause they tend to run off, but to my beautiful surprise, the male started getting closer which was the one I wanted to photograph cause of hes colors, he came up to the front of the car, I had the passenger window open which I had no clue I did, but in my car I had some hot pizza I had just picked up along the way that you can smell from far away, well you can imagine and the images will speak for themselves!!!!



This was the start of my day, just beautiful!!!!!


This was the end of my day, “MAGICAL”…

The male right in front of my car…

Suddenly the female was looking in my car because of the pizza smell!!! Had no clue when suddenly I see this huge face!

The magical and unforgettable part was that I got to touch theme!!!! I was this close to theme,  of course I had to give theme all my cranberry wheat bread loaf!!!! That was the price to pay but ever so worth it!

…Beautiful experience!!!!!


8 thoughts on “A Moment To Always Cherish…

  1. Wow sounds a wonderful experience and day. The photographs are great, amazing that you got so close. I love the one of the rainbow too.

  2. that is really something, with that horse at your window looking for some pizza, that’s pretty neat, lol, i bet you were delightfully surprised. beautiful rainbow.. ; )

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