Feeling Trapped…

Well, today was one of those days that I woke up and all I wanted was to just relax by my porch with my coffee. It was windy and somewhat cold but just perfect for me to sit alone and think. I watched the clouds go by so fast and the trees sawing back and forth. I can hear some whispering from the wind that made me feel like if they were talking to me. The birds were doing their talk and it was just perfect, connecting with nature. I said that at the beginning of my profile that I would be an open book and say what I felt. lately its been somewhat tough.  So much going on and I’m trying to think right! My business has been doing so-so, when I don;t have sales for a week it gets me in a panic cause I have bills to pay and responsibilities to tackle. It makes me wonder sometimes, if what I did was a good idea. It felt just right when I decided to open my store. It has been my DREAM and I said to myself, wow its happening. I have been so excited to see it all evolve, but I came in right when the season was slowing down and yet I did pretty good for a start!  Jan came and it’s been ups and downs. Slow sales, people hardly shopping, no one buying cards or my photography. Then I get the ones that look through the window and honestly I rather you just walk by and not even look at the store cause that is like an insult to me, when someone looks inside the window. That is just me, I either go in or don’t. My shop is very eclectic with a bohemian feel, that is why is called ” La Vie Boheme”. I have a lot of people that love the shop and they are happy that their is something fresh and new in the town, and that is what keeps me going. My income tax money from my previous job I left went all to rent money for the shop! I wasn’t happy at all, cause that money was to be saved and to take some small trips for photography purposes, well that won’t happen. I don’t make enough money to give myself a salary cause it all goes to bills. Yet, I was so sure that this was so right for me to start. When is the right time? Their is never a right time, you just need to do it like I did. That is why I’m ” Feeling Trapped”, I’m in the center of this circle that I can’t just break free. The weather is not helping out at all, cause my store is in a tourist town and when it snows, no one wants to come. This whole week the weather is suppose to be bad! Another week with no sales probably, will see. I just needed to vent out this feeling. I’m still being positive and looking forward to things being better. All I want is to be happy with my store and I’m not looking to get rich, but I want to be happy and not have to struggle. I believe things will work out, I’m always looking for that positive out look!!…


.. There may be bricks in your life that are blocking your path, but once you break theme, theirs a “BEAUTIFUL HOPE”  in the other side waiting for you..


2 thoughts on “Feeling Trapped…

  1. Well I for one, living in said tiny town are thrilled your store (and you!) are here. Spring and Summer sales will be better. 🙂

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