What I’m I…

I think that this is a very important post for me. Why I named it ” What I’m I?” Well, that is because so many people ask me, are you a professional photographer? What equipment do you use?, Did you go to school for it? and etc. I don’t consider myself an amateur nor a professional photographer because I have a passion for what I do! I love what I do and I’m the happiest when I’m out their photographing whatever It feels right to me. I’m not a fine art photographer, nature photographer, landscape either cause then that would  determine any type of work I do. I photograph the simplest of things! What ever calls my attention or my eye, I lift my camera. About the equipment, well I believe that it doesn’t make you a great photographer nor the best photographer. I started out with a  crappy HP camera that only had like 3 0r 4 pixels at the time digital came out and I took the most amazing images like if I had a 4, 000 dollar camera. Slowly I saved my money and bought my NikonD80 and it has been wonderful to me. Would I spend thousands of dollars in new cameras and equipment? Don’t think so. I would spend my money on 2 good lenses and call it a day.Did I graduate from photography? NO! I’m self taught and read lots of books on photography. As a matter of fact, last year I was excited to enroll with ” The New York Institute of Photography” on their professional course. The saddest thing about it is that I spent like 1,200 and I’m still paying for it and found it so boring that I have read it but I haven’t even done any of the test nor projects. I have learned much more from the books that I have bought than with this course!( LESSON TO LEARN). Every day is a learning day for me. I love to break rules, bend theme and shape theme to my eyes. What may seem a “BAD”  image to some or out of focus or not a right way of doing something, that is what I chose to do. My best works have been through mistakes and I got to learn that and through so many images that were not what I wanted to capture but for some reason, the subject was so interesting, different and unique. I respect everyone’s point of view of how they perceive the life of a photographer or the style of work. I see so many so called ” AMATEUR” photographers that can blow away any professional one. I’m not one for label’s cause I’m just a ” PHOTOGRAPHER” that loves what I do. That has a passion for what I photograph and through my photography I let people see another way to see the world. Whether is a tight crop, an out of focus image, a blur action,  a broken window or door, a rusted hinge, or nature on her final stages death, that is my photography and that is what I bring to this world. This has been a wonderful journey and being part of a blog community has been an amazing experience. Every time I get a beautiful post on my images, it just makes my day and I realize, this is what I was meant to do, this is who I was meant to be,  just a “Photographer” nothing more/nothing less.



7 thoughts on “What I’m I…

    1. Once again, Thank you!! Yeah, I thought that I needed to express my thoughts on the matter. I just love what I do, I don’t need expensive equipment nor a tittle to tell me I’m good or a professional. I’m glad you liked it!!

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