The Root and the Girl…

… She took a walk  to the forest when suddenly she realized this beautiful exposed root from a tree that looked like some wonderful sculpture nature has done. She sat down next to it and for a long time, she studied every bit of the root, the shape, the textured, tracking down were every root came from and at that moment for a 2nd she thought, this could be a beautiful piece in my home. When she tried to pull the tangled roots, suddenly she felt a pain, a sharp pain that was  never felt before. She tried one more time and this time she pulled harder and the pain became much sharper and stronger. She suddenly  put her hand in her chest and felt the beautiful rhythm of her beating heart, she heard a slight whisper in the wind that said, I as well have feelings. She thought that for a moment she was hearing voices, but that whisper came again and this time more clear yet beautiful with the such power that she started to cry, and as she cried. it all became a vision. The root even though it was exposed was still connected to the ground, she closed her eyes and she heard: My dear, you have walked these forest for so many years and you have become one of us. Your heart isn’t any different than the root you tried to pull. You see, we hurt as you hurt and we cry as you cry and we feel pain as you feel pain. My roots are the connection to our Mother nature’s wound, your arteries are the connection to your beautiful heart, so let Nature take its course in life. I’m exposed cause I wanted to see the beautiful world in which you live in but is not my time to leave yet. Their will be a day that you will sit next to me once again and gently pull me away and if I’m to let go, then this gift was given to you from Mother Nature. Is just the same way you give  your heart to someone that will treasure it forever!….

By: Lazaro Iglesias



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