My New Art Photography Cards…

Been Super Busy these past 2 weeks working on some of my new art photography cards. Not to mention the huge snow fall/blizzard we had today! Which kills my business. I’ve been having so much fun with my cards. Hope to start selling theme soon. I have notice that people no longer write as much as they use to. Now they use the internet to send out cards. It’s so sad to see that. Writing to me is such an art and specially when you take that time to sit down and write. Every time my best friend from Miami sends me a card, I just love it!  I still do my cards cause I know somewhere out their, people still believe in sending a personal card!



4 thoughts on “My New Art Photography Cards…

  1. You are right about writing. It is rapidly becoming a lost art. And even though our emails and blogs may be on the internet for ever (however long that is), in a way they are nothing much compared to the handwritten cards and letters (and beautiful stamps) we hang onto or collect. I like the way you work your images very much.

    1. Hello, Joseph. Thank you for taking your time to write this amazing post! I’m so glad that someone said something about it, cause I feel that same way. Nothing compares to a note , letter or card that someone took the time to write! It just makes it so much special, but people have gotten caught up in that ” I have no time syndrome” and they no longer write. As for me, I take my time, energy and passion to write my cards, cause I know they will make that persons day!!! Thank you for your compliment as well… Laz

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