Things You Find Along The Lake Shore…

Last year while I was walking the lake and in one of those “AHA” moment’s I thought of how interesting a book of found objects along the lake would be! That’s how I came up with the name: Things you find along the lake shore. I have been to 3 lake already and have a nice composition of images yet I’m waiting for Spring to head up along those shores and see what’s been left behind. Once I have the images I envision, then I will make that book! This will be a fun project. So far these are the images that I will put in that book….

Amazing all the things you find from what belongs in the lake to what people just pollute in the sands. I have so many more images on this project, but so far these are the one’s that call out to me. I’m sure I will find some other wonderful treasures this year to the new lakes I will be visiting!….


4 thoughts on “Things You Find Along The Lake Shore…

    1. Hey Janah, thanks for stopping by! Naw, don’t think that way.. You have it in you and the equipment, believe me, it can be done with a small point and shot! If you want to do it, JUST DO IT!!!! Don’t let anything or anyone stand in what you want to do!! I would like to see you do an album like that!!! I will be waiting!!!

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